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Isocort Herbal Supplement | Phyto B by Bezwecken

Isocort, Phyto B & Other Bezwecken Supplements

Bezwecken does exactly what its name means…achieves. Through their promise to provide licensed healthcare professionals with effective alternatives for patients, Bezwecken targets the issues that plague female bodies the most; hormone and thyroid imbalance. Their top selling products, Isocort and Phyto B, are designed to provide the body with the balance that it craves and needs for peak performance. Isocort, an herbal supplement that contains a standardized dose of Cortisol (an adreno-cortical substance) restores adrenals to a healthy, high-functioning state. In today’s day and age people are plagued with stress and disease, which leads to adrenal fatigue. Those suffering from adrenal fatigue experience decreased energy, irregular blood sugar, emotional issues, compromised metabolic and thyroid function, allergic reactions and inflammation. Isocort not only supports healthy adrenals, but it also heals adrenal fatigue, restoring the adrenals back to health. If hormones are your issue, you can naturally; ward off those bothersome menopausal symptoms with Phyto B. Phyto B is a safe and effective, plant-based alternative treatment that contains a progesterone formula taken from fermented plants and estrogens from wild yam, resulting in a standardized dose of natural estradiol and progesterone to support proper hormone balance. Whether you’re suffering from menopause or just looking to add balance to your life, Phyto B. herbal supplement is the remedy for which you’re searching.