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Multi-Protein Synergy Diet Powder

17.6 oz Powder
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Almased, Multi-Protein Synergy Diet Powder 17.6 oz Powder
Almased, Multi-Protein Synergy Diet Powder 17.6 oz Powder



Almased Multi-Protein Powder is a 100% all-natural dietary supplement of soy, skim milk, yogurt powder and honey enzymes that provides all essential amino acids and proteins required for a healthy, active body. This stimulant-free program teaches the body to think thin by invigorating the metabolism and preventing the yo-yo dieting that can be so common with other weight-loss programs. Major calorie-cutting associated with other diets slows the metabolism down greatly. Once you resume your old eating habits, the weight returns and you may loose muscle as well. Because Almased is packed with nutrients, minerals and protein, the body does not perceive a lack of nutrition, and it does not try to replenish the pounds lost and thus can burn excess fat efficiently

Almased is an all-natural product which is clinically proven to help with weight loss, fat loss, muscle mass retention and increasing individuals’ energy levels. It benefits insulin and glucose levels, and due to the high protein content it will provide a long-lasting feeling of fullness. These results have been proven in multiple clinical studies. Almased is scientifically proven to work like no other weight loss product! The Almased Synergy Diet program allows the body to lose unwanted fat with a unique formula of soy, yogurt and honey. It contains all essential amino acids, including those usually only found in meat products, and enzymes for easy digestion. With the Almased Synergy Diet, your body receives more protein than from other similar products on the market today.

Almased has been proven in a scientific study to be safe and effective even for people with diabetes. It has a low glycemic index (27) and an extremely low glycemic load (4). Therefore, it has a minimal effect on blood sugar levels and is suitable for people with diabetes. Almased is an all-natural product and contains no stimulants, chemical additives, artificial flavors or sugars. No other program on the market today can help you lose weight and feel good at the same time the way the Almased® Synergy Diet can. No other product on the market has the scientific proof that Almased has.



    • How does the Almased Synergy Diet work? At the beginning, you only drink vegetable broth, water and three Almased shakes per day for three days. For each shake, mix eight level tablespoons of Almased with 1 1/2 cup of cold water (bottled or filtered) or milk (skim, unsweetened almond or soy). The weight loss during this phase may be higher than for the rest of the diet. You can stay in this Starting Phase for three days or up to 2 weeks if you feel good. Then you begin the Reduction Phase, during which you replace two meals (preferably breakfast and dinner) with an Almased shake and eat one healthy meal. This phase lasts about 6 weeks or until you reach your ideal body weight. Then you enter the Stability Phase. For several weeks, replace one meal a day with Almased in order to avoid the dreaded yo-yo effect that causes pounds to come back on quickly after a diet. 


      Weight loss, energy, strength – What can Almased do for you? Almased is a powder made from high-quality fermented soy, skim milk yogurt powder and enzyme-rich honey. It has the important nutrients that the body needs, essential amino acids and enzymes for easy digestion. Almased is non-GMO, gluten-free and contains no added sugars, preservatives, artificial, flavors or fillers.


      Why is it important that Almased helps to speed up the metabolism? A well-functioning metabolism is not only important for weight loss but also for overall health. If the metabolism doesn't function properly, risk for diseases can increase. Unhealthy eating habits are one of the main causes of a slower metabolism, usually from intaking too much sugar, salt and fat. The body burns fewer calories which can lead to unhealthy weight gain, lack of energy and other complications. Almased helps support your metabolism to function at its optimal level, resulting in weight loss.  This not only leads to weight loss, but it also avoids getting the yo-yo effect. With the Almased diet, your metabolism will function efficiently not slow down and you can prevent regaining the lost weight once you eat regularly again.


      How does Almased speed up the metabolism? The Almased Diet is low in calories and carbs, and rich in protein - allowing your body to spend more time breaking down protein, which requires more work for the body to convert to energy than carbs and fat. This helps speed up the metabolism. What makes Almased so special is the blend of three key ingredients (soy, yogurt and honey) that help the body burn fat while retaining muscle mass and keep the thyroid hormone level within an active healthy range. All of which in turn will help crank up the metabolism further, giving you satisfying weight loss results. 


      How can you lose weight without feeling hungry when using Almased? One meal replacement (about 180 kcal) keeps you full for about 4-5 hours because Almased is a good source of protein and helps support healthy levels of the satiety hormones leptin and ghrelin. In addition, it supports your blood sugar level, which helps to avoid cravings. It also boosts the metabolism, allowing the body to burn more calories.


      Why do you lose mainly fat and not muscle mass? With Almased your body will be at a calorie deficit which will help your body burn fat, but because Almased provides a high amount of protein your muscles will naturally stay protected. In addition, Almased has a very low glycemic (27, glucose has 100). The glycemic index measures the effect of a carbohydrate-rich food item on the blood sugar level. With a low glycemic index, the blood sugar level increases only slightly and the body releases a respectively lower amount of insulin. A lower insulin level makes it easier for your body to release fat from storage in order to burn. 

       Even if you are not looking to diet, Almased can help with supporting your overall well being by providing your body with many essential nutrients, as well as cell protective phytochemicals. This helps give your body proper nutrition and helps support your metabolism. By using Almased once daily, not only will you have more energy but you'll be able to perform your daily tasks without putting too much effort. Almased also supports healthy blood levels like blood sugar and compounds such as cholesterol. Almased is a good protein supplement to use for weight loss or for overall. 

To supplement your diet, mix 8 tablespoons (48g) of powder with 10-12 oz of cold liquid, such as bottled water, low-fat or skim milk, or unsweetened juice. Customize your Almased drink by blending 8 tablespoons (48g) with your favorite ingredients, such as fruits and cinnamon for a great tasting smoothie. Also great in cottage cheese or yogurt. Almased should be made fresh and consumed immediately after mixing.
If you are (or might be) allergic to one of the ingredients or would like to take Almased on a long-term basis, please consult your physician or health care professional.

Customer Reviews

excellent product Review by Destinee
With 2 shakes a day ( skim milk, a tbsp peanut butter and some cinnamon and almased powder and sometimes I add a small amount of hazelnut creamer) I am not hungry, still totally shocked by this even after a week of use. I feel better and have more energy and no more stomach issues. I Love it, give it a try. (Posted on 8/28/14)
Love it Review by TB
It's easy way to drop weight without hunger. I lost 15 pounds. (Posted on 2/7/14)
Hate At First Sip Review by Kelly
Day 1, Sip 1: I had to actively suppress my gag reflex. It was like drinking pancake batter. But along my health, fitness, and weight loss journey, I have vowed to finish things. Odd potions, powders, and drink mixes included. I hope I grow to like this substance more. I hope that by the end of this can of powder, I will have lost ten pounds. I am 176.5 today Jan 14, 2014. I also hope technology allows me to update this review as I continue drinking this Almased. (Posted on 1/14/14)
Awesome Review by Filippo
Well my wife has been on it for 2 weeks and went from 115lbs to 106lbs. She only wants to lose 1 more pound. She feels more energy and just feels . It really works and you will feel great! (Posted on 11/20/13)
Bland Taste, Good Results Review by Lisa
I can actually say I ordered this on a "trial" basis. After the first day, I was almost ready to give up. I had headaches and I was starving. After giving it a few more days, I can see the results. After just one week, I have lost 5 lbs and 4 inches. I just reordered 2 more cans. :-) (Posted on 10/22/13)
okay Review by Caryn
I don't need help with my metabolism, but I wanted to try it ... not bad ... (Posted on 10/17/13)
keeps my blood levels constant and sated Review by Lydia
I've been on Almsed for three months now. I lost 7 lbs. the first week. I needed only to lose 10 pounds. I lost an additional 2 lbs. I have kept my weight at check for the last 2 months keeping a balanced diet with my busy lifestyle.What I like most is that my glycemic levels stay balanced and constant without feeling tired. I have so much more energy. thanks so much. (Posted on 9/15/13)
amazing! Review by Heather
This has to be the easiest meal replacement product ever. I love plain Cheerios, and the firsttime that I tried Almased, that is exactly what it tasted like to me. I highly recommend this product. (Posted on 8/30/13)
Excellant!! Review by Laura
Have been using this during work week since January and have lost almost 20lbs and felt great! Will continue to buy from The Natural because they have GREATEST prices and fastest delivery!! Thank you!! (Posted on 8/23/13)
Excellent Review by Kelly
This is an excellent product! I had a difficult time getting enough protien in my diet and the Almased has been the answer for me. It is great with honey and cinnamon. I also mix w almond milk. The first 2 weeks I lost 5 pounds and that is saying a lot considering it took me 3 months previously to loose 5. (Posted on 8/16/13)
Good Product/Great Price Here! Review by Felecia
This product seems to be doing the trick and helping me lose weight. It doesn't curb my appetite very much, so I find that drinking vegetable juice in between is a must for me. I am going to stick with it for the whole program and hopefully the end results will be worth it. This product goes quickly so be prepared to stock up on it. Out of all the places in stores and online this website has the best price for it! (Posted on 6/21/13)
Healthy Once Again Review by Kathleen
Give Almased a try. It's been wonderful for me. My Diabetes #'s are normal, I'm losing weight, more energy & I'm much more clear headed & focused. My Mother & Husband are experiencing the same. Highly Recommend this product. (Posted on 6/10/13)
Mmm mmm good!! Review by Laura
This product especially at this price is the BEST to achieve your weight loss goals. Your full, never hungry and the weight comes off. Shipping is phenomenal - usually get within 2 days of ordering!! (Posted on 5/24/13)
6 months of use Review by oldboots57
I am a 56 year old woman. Prior to Almased I found it difficult to impossible to lose weight. Despite strict calorie intake and exercise. After drinking the Almased shake 2 twcie a day, plus a low calorie dinner, for 3 months I lost 10 lbs. (My starting weight was 160 lbs.) Which I considered a significant loss after years of sensible dieting with no results. After loosing those 10 lbs, I drank only one ALmased shake a day, and ate two low calorie meals (i.e. chicken breast and a vegetable) and have continued to loose, but at a much slower rate, 1 lb a month. I am very satisfied with these results, based upon my previous experience. (Posted on 3/14/13)
Weight loss product without the harm!! Review by gugininidiogo@yahoo.com
Loved it. It gives you energy and reduces your cravings. Nothing so far has worked in my losing weight even diet pills. This is wonderful and Im a diabetic and I need this everyday to maintain my levels of sugar intact. Can't live without this shake. (Posted on 2/22/13)
Excellent product ! Review by vt woman
I am a diabetic and this product has worked and is working for me . Lost 20 lbs in 3 months and still going . I am very busy and it's great to know that I can just have a shake for a quick meal and know that I am getting all the vitamins /nutrients I need . (Posted on 2/11/13)
i tried almased powder and unlike the other diets i didnt feel lethargic and light headed. it helped me lose 10lbs in a week!! thank you (Posted on 12/14/12)
Works like a charm!! Review by Chandrima
I started using this product with no expectation, thought if it works its good. I started with the 14 days program and I would be honest I didn't loose any weight right after that, so was disappointed with it. But I continued drinking 2-3 times a week once in the morning for next couple of weeks and then I stopped. But then I started seeing result after 6 weeks or so. I lost 10 lbs total so far and its all Almased, because I am not a exercise person at all. The other thing to note is I am not overweight and I needed to loose this extra 10 lbs which is usually the tough thing to get rid off. I am very happy with this product and ordering again to keep maintaining the weight. It definitely controls the hunger and I eat much lesser effortlessly now. (Posted on 11/27/12)
IT'S WORKING!!!! Review by LouAnn
Loving it so far. Day 5. 5 lbs down. Surprised how well it controls hunger. I'm not hungry and my energy level is increasing. (Posted on 11/11/12)
great product Review by reet
I have been using Almased for over 6 months and I have lost weight and maintained my weight losts with this product. The added benefit is no more stomach issues. Good- bye to heartburn! This product will be a part of my life with its many benefits. I strongly recommend it to anyone struggling with weight issues. The Natural has the lowest ptice, I've found so far.And the order arrives very quickly and undamaged. (Posted on 10/17/12)
LOVE IT!!!!! Review by treyray
I just started the program and I love It!!!!!!
The taste is great, and the feeling I have after the first 3 days is awesome!!! I'm so happy I made the choice to buy and try,, A user for life.

Natural, the best price I found and will contiue to purchase with you!!!! (Posted on 9/10/12)
Great Product!! Review by Tyra
Almased is a great way to loose weight and feel energized at the same time. Would recommend! (Posted on 8/21/12)
Love it! Review by Gina
I have tried many meal replacements, but this is the only one that actually keeps me full for more than an hour! I mix it in a shaker with soymilk. Tastes great! (Posted on 7/31/12)
Just do it! Review by Kate
If you have ever googled this product, you will immediately find complaints about the taste and how to make it better. While I do admit that I will never like the taste, you DO get used to it.
Personally, it was too crazy trying all these different mix ins to alter the taste. Here is what I do: Mix with water, and either use less product or more water (I still use 6 tablespoons though.) Once I mix it I grab a straw, and stick it far enough back on my tongue that I can take a large drag through the straw and swallow it all at once. This is perfect!!!! At first I needed a chaser-- usually a type of juice or lots of water. Now I've used to the 'aftertaste' as you might call it.

Honestly though, if this product tasted like a case of frosted donuts and whipped cream it would probably pack on weight like them too. If you need to lose weight then you've clearly had PLENTY of good tasting food. A few months on almased is like damage control.

And yes, it really does work! (Posted on 7/31/12)
Good Product Review by Laura C
I drink one smoothie a day made with almond milk and fruit. It is tasty and satisfying. I am losing one to two lbs per week. The only con is that you can't make ahead of time and works best in a blender. (Posted on 7/31/12)
Awesome Product Review by Gina
Almased provides all it offers and then some- not only do I enjoy the taste but the way it makes you feel afterwards is amazing- it certainly is a meal supplement as it advertises but even just to give that extra needed boost especially when first getting up in the morning its great- after I drink a glass I feel like a new woman ready to take on the day- all around this product is great and I would refer anyone who wants to add a supplement to there diet whether for weight loss or just to have additional nutrients/protiens etc for eveyday activites or working out- again cant say how much this product is great- I'll be buying it for years to come! (Posted on 7/30/12)
Awesome Review by KEO
I have tried many different things to lose those last 15 pounds. Nothing seemed to work to charge that sluggish metabolism until I found Almased. It is awesome! (Posted on 7/9/12)
Great product! Review by kishbutton
This is a great weight loss product. I lost 11 lbs the first week! (Posted on 7/3/12)
Fantastic Results!! Review by Sheri
I was a little turned off by the taste at first but noticed results almost instantly!! (Posted on 6/26/12)
good choice Review by Becky
We love the results! Two of us at home have had substantial weight loss since May. I choose this powder because of the natural ingredients. The flavor is good but you may decide to add flavors and anything we've tried from extracts to Torani flavors all mix very well. We use torani sugar free cinnamon/brown sugar and also sugar free black cherry. AND THESE ARE THE BEST PRICES I'VE EVER SEEN! Free shipping is excellent customer service. (Posted on 6/26/12)
Great taste Review by Mariluz
Almased really works and have a great taste. I buy for me and now buying for my husband to. (Posted on 6/18/12)
Great Product Review by Poocooly
This is my second time trying this product. Great buy at The Natural. I will be purchasing my Almased from here whenever I need more. It shipped the same day I ordered it, great!!! This has helped me shed 10 lbs. I have more to lose but I know I'm on the right track. (Posted on 6/9/12)
to gain my self esteem back about myself Review by D
As soon as the order comes in, I am going to get myself back on track to a healthier me. I really like this drink mixed with v8 tropical splash but will try the more all natural method. I can say I do have a problem with swelling and its not really water gain. Makes me feel misrable. When I drank this for a week I did have more energy and hands didn't swell. I am going to go full force and see the final out come-- will keep posted. Starting weight is 160 at 5'3. (Posted on 5/24/12)
love the product Review by nita
I didn't have any issues,i.e chalkiness, I use a stick blender and I find the product easily adaptable to many other fruits.

I like the ease of drinking my breakfast and have one for lunch, it keeps me satisfied. (Posted on 5/17/12)
BEST EVER Review by Socorro
Great Product Review by shoejo98
I purchased this for me because I heard great feedback and I have to say I have been sticking by the instructions and here on day five, I have already lost 6 pounds, feel great, not craving any foods. I did the 3 day shakes only then replaced one shake a day with meal. I am very excted about sticking with this and losing weight and feeling great!!!! (Posted on 5/6/12)
Best meal replacement ever Review by Mark
Ive been using Almased for almost a month and it's been awesome. It doesn't leave me feeling hungry a few hours later like other products have. I've lost almost 14 lbs in the last 6 weeks thanks to this stuff! Highly recommended! (Posted on 5/4/12)
Great Review by munchkin
This product does what it promises. The taste is good, the consistency is pretty thin, but it does seem to lower blood sugar and I am losing weight. Wish it were dairy free and sugar free, but those are hard to find that are also low glycemic. Highly recommend for diabetics. (Posted on 5/1/12)
I am on day 4 using almased and feel great! The first 3 days I replaced all 3 meals with a shake and I plan on replacing 2 meals a day after that until I reach my goal and go down to one shake a day. I do have to admit that day 2 was not a a good day, I had a massive headache and I believe that was due to no coffee and not enough waterdrinking, so day three I had my coffee and made sure I drank plenty of water and I felt great! I have plenty of energy and I dont feel hungry! The taste takes a little getting used to but really isn't that bad. I make mine with vanilla flavored almond milk, dash of cinnamon, and 1 tbs. olive oil, and it tastes like oatmeal. I have lost 3lbs in 3 days!! NOT BAD AT ALL!! I am also so glad I found it at a great price on The Natural! (Posted on 4/19/12)
Love this stuff! Review by LG
My mother in law has lost 35 lbs by taking Almased, and she introduced it to me and I totally love it. It gives me so much energy, I don't even need my morning coffee anymore! It keep me full and I've already started losing weight. (Posted on 4/18/12)
Love this product Review by Laura
I love this product because I can grab a quick drink in morning before I run out the door and feel satisfied and have energy. I also like the taste and I just put in glass with water and about an 1/8 tsp. cinnamin, hit it with a stick blender a few seconds and I'm good to go. Lost weight, feel great! Also like for when I am crusing kitchen for a snack I just mix 1/2 a serving and it gets me thru the cravings. Totally reccomend this product. (Posted on 4/17/12)
Love this stuff! Review by Walking Girl
I have been using Almased since February. It does everything it claims. I feel better, sleep better and have more energy. Would highly recommend. (Posted on 4/10/12)
great product! Review by Cynthia
I am loving this product, its working pretty good so far, have started using it earlier last week and so far i am seeing results, have lost about three lbs already, even with cheating a bit and not exercising, can only imagine how much you'd really lose if you exercised a lot more(started on my insanity now). it doesn't taste too bad, sort of like regular corn flakes, i just mix it with the 2% milk and add the oil, it really does keep you full too! Would definitely would recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight . (Posted on 3/19/12)
Stick with it Review by Ellen
I am a vegetarian, so am limited to most diets as they derive their protein from animal fat. This has been perfect for me, I have lost 16 lbs so far, and will stay on it until I reach my goal. I recommend to anyone who is vegetarian or diabetic to use this product, it works! (Posted on 3/16/12)
Great product! Review by Lorene
Taste pretty plain alone but I mix with coconut milk cinnamon flaxseed banana and spinach :) Taste great and is a great meal rreplacement :) (Posted on 3/11/12)
Delicious Review by Crissy
This is the best diet I've tried so far... Very delicious and It really works.. I lost 10 lbs in 10 days.. I feel healthier than ever.. (Posted on 2/18/12)
So glad I discovered this!! Review by marcy
I am only on my first week of drinking this in place of 2 meals. % lbs already. I feel full and energized. Cheaper than any other Diet such as Jenny Craig!!! (Posted on 1/10/12)

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